October 25, 2014

Field Trip+Friends+Singapore

Long time no post!

I'm in the middle doing my task making a field trip report. I went to Singapore last week for 5 days with my college friends. We were going to Singapore to see how it arrange its urban area. That was my first time fly to Singapore and second time going abroad since like 4 years ago. And also my first time going abroad with friends!

Flower Dome-Garden by The Bay
Me, Dinda, Muti
With  Singapore Sportshub model

Not only having fun, I got so much knowledge about city planning and architecture here. Museums, city planing building center, and many education places is so open with so affordable price and special price for students in some places. I hope Jakarta can be like this someday.

Singapore National Museum

Helix Bridge 

Me, Ekky, Dinda

Henderson Bridge with the girls

Ines, Putu, me in MRT station
We went everywhere by MRT, bus, and walk everyday. So so sooo tiring but quiet worth it. Singapore have a very good access to the mass transportation that connecting to entire places in Singapore.

Actually I have soo many things to share. I will post it day by day.

Looking forward to another journey abroad!


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