December 01, 2014

You and I

Why you bring me to this again and again
Comfort pain that makes me dying
Over and over again
You smile with my wounded heart
Playing heart like its all your part

What I did so wrong till I deserve this?
Why my heart can't even say no when you please?
Why its so easy for you to just feel alright
When you tear hearts apart

It will never be ok between you and I
Act like its never been you and I
You said you just want to be free
But your hand still grab my beating heart

Its a complicated heart
Its a complicated mind
Its a complicated you and I

1:05 PM

October 25, 2014

Field Trip+Friends+Singapore

Long time no post!

I'm in the middle doing my task making a field trip report. I went to Singapore last week for 5 days with my college friends. We were going to Singapore to see how it arrange its urban area. That was my first time fly to Singapore and second time going abroad since like 4 years ago. And also my first time going abroad with friends!

Flower Dome-Garden by The Bay
Me, Dinda, Muti
With  Singapore Sportshub model

Not only having fun, I got so much knowledge about city planning and architecture here. Museums, city planing building center, and many education places is so open with so affordable price and special price for students in some places. I hope Jakarta can be like this someday.

Singapore National Museum

Helix Bridge 

Me, Ekky, Dinda

Henderson Bridge with the girls

Ines, Putu, me in MRT station
We went everywhere by MRT, bus, and walk everyday. So so sooo tiring but quiet worth it. Singapore have a very good access to the mass transportation that connecting to entire places in Singapore.

Actually I have soo many things to share. I will post it day by day.

Looking forward to another journey abroad!


July 10, 2014

Ghost Stories

You're A Sky Full of Stars -by me

Been in love with Coldplay's newest album called 'Ghost Stories'. The lyrics are so beautiful (and painful). And still so sad about Chris and Gwyneth separation. They're such a happy couple :'

April 19, 2014

Love Letter from God

...Dan jika Ia membolak-balikkan hati kita dari seseorang, dari cinta, maka gantilah patah hati itu dengan perkataan syukur hati karena Ia lebih mencintai kita.
...Ia mengambil kita untuk dikembalikan ke nikmat, limpahan kasih sayang dari kekasih hati yang paling sempurna, Allah.

January 21, 2014


Mungkin selama ini saya terlalu muluk untuk mengharapkan sesuatu yang biasanya selalu ada buat saya dan saya selalu yakin akan selalu ada untuk saya. Selalu berfikir yang baik-baik, yang indah-indah tanpa memikirkan apa yang terjadi jika yang buruk yang terjadi. Mungkin harapan saya terlalu tinggi. Tapi apa salah mempunyai harapan yang tinggi dan baik-baik?
Usaha dan doa saja kadang tidak cukup. Kadang nasib mengalahkan keduanya. Apa boleh buat.
Mungkin saya tidak sekuat orang lain yang bisa menerima nasibnya, bahkan tidak kuat sama sekali. Memang payah, tapi itulah saya. Yang saya bisa lakukan hanya berusaha dan berdoa lagi.

Kadang sesuatu yang indah diberikan untuk kita untuk dimiliki. Tapi kadang yang hanya menjadi sebuah pelajaran lah yang lebih kita inginkan.

One thing I always believe is I will never give up for anyone or anything I love. Sampai Tuhan yang menghendaki lain.

January 20, 2014

Happy Thing

Most people would know what the passion in his life. So even with me. Since I was a kid, I really like anything about art. Fine art, music, anything. But these days when a lot of free time due to semester breaks and I have nothing to do, I get rid my boredom at home with cooking. Either see the recipe in a magazine, on Youtube or just browsing . And I just realized, I really like to cook. Especially dishes that had not been cooked by my mother at home. I think cooking is like chemistry, but in a fun way. Mixing and processing ingredients until it becomes a dish . But it not just any mixing and processing, there must be a particular way, or even order when we enter the material . But cooking gives me fun fun fun! Moreover, if the results are in accordance with what I expected and people at home enjoying my cooking. A simple way to share happiness :)

Here are some of my cooking

Homemade Lasagna

Roasted Mustard Chicken

Red Velvet Cupcake with Creamcheese frosting

Homemade Churros

Chocolate Hazelnut Mug Cake

Banana Cream Pie

I was thinking, later when I had graduated, I wanted to be an entrepreneur who has a shop in which there is a mini cafe and also sells goods or decoration artwork, or anything that has artistic value .

"Do what you love and love what you do" -Unknown
"Anyone can cook." "Not everyone can become a great artist; but a grat artist can come from anywhere." -Ratatouille movie

Architectural Design 3 Project 2

Here is my Architectural Design 3 project 2 called 'A Compact Pedestrian Shortcut'

January 18, 2014


Long time no post!

Semester 5 baru saja dituntaskan dengan yaa cukup menguras tenaga. Salah satu mata kuliah yang paling fun adalah Perancangan Ruang Dalam. Mungkin karena biasanya desain bagian luar-luarnya aja sekarang harus lebih detail. Di projek mata kuliah ini I'm not alone, projeknya per grup. Ada Dele, Dinda, Ekky, sama Gita yang satu kelompok.

Tugas akhirnya adalah me re-desain sebuah toko apapun yang sudah kita pilih di awal sebagai preseden (contoh) yang ada di Pondok Indah Mall. Kelompok saya akhirnya memilih Tous Les Jours yang ada di Street Gallery sebagai preseden yang akan di re-desain.

Dele, Dinda, Gita, Me

Ekky, Dinda, Gita, Me
Daaan setelah pertimbangan yang ga terlalu panjang kita memutuskan untuk me re-desain Tous Les Jours yang tadinya toko roti dari Korea ala Eropa jadi restoran Turki. Setelah proses perencanaan sampai desain akhirnya jadilah 'Tugra'.. :'D

Nama Tugra diambil dari salah satu lambang kaya kesultanan di Turki.

Nanti kalau Tugra jadi beneran pada mampir ya hehe

Have a great day!