June 20, 2013

Ain't it fun?

Ain't it fun? living in the real world 
Ain't it good? being all alone

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June 15, 2013



Spending my spare time infront of my laptop been my daily routine for holiday. Membaca blog-blog kreatif pun jadi 'makanan sehari-hari' selain buka sosial media dan web lainnyaa. Sampai akhirnya membaca sebuah huge announcement dari FIMELA yang kubaca dari blog Anastasia Siantar. They're going to hold a FIMELAHOOD Style Seeker Hunt to New York!! Wakssss! I was soo excited dan tanpa pikir panjang langsung daftar. And now I'm in the contest to win the trip, soo I would like to ask your helps to vote me ;)


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